orb node create-orb-public


$ orb node create-orb-public   [OPTIONS] NODE_TYPE PROTOCOL


  • NODE_TYPE: lnd or cln. [required]

  • PROTOCOL: rest or grpc. [required]


  • –use-node / –no-use-node: Set this node as the default. [default: True]

  • –help: Show this message and exit.


Create public testnet node.

This command enables users to quickly create node connection information for orb’s public nodes. The typical invocates are:

orb node create-orb-public cln rest
orb node create-orb-public lnd rest
orb node create-orb-public lnd grpc

Since Core-Lightning’s GRPC interface is still new and not used a lot, it is currently unsupported by Orb, which is why the cln grpc node flavor isn’t available.

After the public node has been created, if –use-node was specified then subsequent orb commands will use it by default. These nodes have admin macaroons, and are used by the integration tests, so please keep the in a sane state so they don’t need to be re-created.