orb node list


$ orb node list   [OPTIONS]


  • –show-info / –no-show-info: If True, then connect and print node information [default: False]

  • –help: Show this message and exit.


Get a list of nodes known to Orb.

Node data is saved in various places depending on your OS:

  • Linux: ~/.config/orb_<pubkey>/orb_<pubkey>.ini

  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/orb_<pubkey>/orb_<pubkey>.ini

  • Windows: ${APPDATA}/orb_<pubkey>/orb_<pubkey>.ini

This command simply scans those folders for a matching pattern.

If the –show-info is provided, then Orb attempts to connect to the node, and to invoke the orb node info command on the available nodes.