Install Script

If you are feeling brave, then:

  • read the contents of

  • if you feel comfortable with what it does, then run the code below.

curl | bash

You should then be able to run the orb command from a terminal, or launch the lnorb application from spotlight.

If you are not feeling brave, the follow the steps below.

Manual install

Security on OSX can be a little overzealous when installing DMGs by hand. Please follow these steps carefully, in order.

  • open the DMG

  • drag & drop lnorb into the Applications folder

  • In Spotlight (CMD Space), type lnorb

  • Once lnorb appears in Spotlight, try running it

  • You may be presented with the following two dialogs:
  • in spotlight, type: Security and Privacy

  • in the Security and Privacy screen, click “Open anyway”, and “Open”

  • run the lnorb application

  • Orb should open

If Orb does not open:

  • in stoplight type ‘terminal’

  • in the terminal paste
    • cd /Applications/

    • ./lnorb

    • report back your issues in our tech-support group (link at top of this page)