The HUD or Heads Up Displays for short allow you to view and edit certain bits of information.

Threads HUD

Orb has background daemon threads to perform various tasks. These can be seen and controlled in the Threads HUD.


The H represents the HTLC thread, which streams HTLC data from the node and displays it by animating channels.


The C represents the Channels thread, which streams data about channels (e.g when channels are added, or removed) and animates the channels accordingly.


The F represents the automated Fee setting app (available from the App Store).


The R represents the automated Rebalancing app (available from the App Store).


The A represents the Automated rebalancing thread (spawned during auto-rebalancing).


The U stands for Update Max HTLC.


The P stands for Payment threads (spawned during payments).


The L stands for the LNURL invoice generator.


Clicking on the letters in the Threads HUD terminates those threads.


This HUD displays Bitcoin’s monthly PA chart, as well as its current price in USD.


This HUD displays estimates for slow, medium and fast mempool transactions. Please note this data is pulled from

Fee Report

This HUD displays the fees earned from routing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Global Ratio

The global ratio is the total local balance / capacity.

Pan Zoom / Gestures

Toggles between gestures, and pan / zoom. Please refer to the gestures documentation to find out more about rebalancing with swipes.


This HUD displays the various balances. This can include, Chain Balances (confirmed and unconfirmed), Local / Remote Balances, Pending Open / Close Balances, Unsettled (In-Flight) Balances etc.

Connection Status

This HUD simply displays whether a connection to the internet is available or not.

Graphics Info

This HUD displays Dots Per Pixel and Pixel Density information. This can be useful for debugging layout issues that arise on specific devices.