Channel Editor

The Channel Editor opens when you click on a peer. It displays useful information, and allows you to set your fees as well as many other attributes.


Fees earned

The fees earned field displays how many sats were made routing out of the selected channel.


Fee Rate Milli Msat, Fee Base Msat, Min HTLC msat, Max HTLC msat and Time Lock Delta can be altered via the Channel Editor, by modifying the value and pressing enter.

Pay Through Channel

This specifies whether the channel is used for payments, or not. For example, you ought to switch it off for drains, since it would be difficult to re-gain outbound.

Balanced Ratio (local / capacity)

The balanced ratio can be left as is, or overridden. If left as is, it represents the channel’s optimal ratio. It can be set manually to tell Orb how much local balance is desired in that particular channel.

Balanced ratio is used when automatically selecting channels for payments, or for rebalances.

Please see `concepts`_ for more information.


The rest of the settings, that have not been detailed on this page are read-only.