orb network get-route


$ orb network get-route   [OPTIONS] DESTINATION


  • DESTINATION: the pub_key of the node to which to find a route (in CLN please do not use). [required]


  • –fee-limit-msat INTEGER: the fee limit in millisatoshis. [default: 500]

  • –source-pub-key TEXT: the pub_key of the node from which to find a route.

  • –outgoing-chan-id TEXT: the channel id the first hop o the route.

  • –ignored-nodes TEXT: list of nodes to ignore. [default: ]

  • –ignored-pairs TEXT: list of pairs to ignore (LND only). [default: ]

  • –last-hop-pubkey TEXT: the last node before pub_key (LND only). [default: ]

  • –satoshis INTEGER: the amount in satoshis the route should accomodate. [default: 1000]

  • –time-pref TEXT: the time preference of the route, from 0 to 1. (LND only). [default: 0]

  • –cltv TEXT: absolute lock time. (CLN only). [default: 0]

  • –pubkey TEXT: The pubkey of the node. If not provided, use the default node.

  • –help: Show this message and exit.


Currently the result of get-route contains both the common format, and the original (implementation flavored) route. A future version of Orb switch to using the common route format.


This command supports circular routes for both LND and CLN.


The CLTV flag is required by CLN, but not LND.


This is also an awkward flag, as LND >= 0.15 can take a time-preference flag ranging from -1 and 1, however this flag is meaningless to CLN. So we keep the flag exposed, even though it does nothing with CLN.