orb node create


$ orb node create   [OPTIONS]


  • –hostname TEXT: IP address or DNS-resolvable name for this host. [required]

  • –mac-hex TEXT: The node macaroon in hex format. [required]

  • –node-type TEXT: cln or lnd. [required]

  • –protocol TEXT: rest or grpc. [required]

  • –network TEXT: IP address or DNS-resovable name for this host. [required]

  • –cert-hex TEXT: The node certificate in hex format. [default: ]

  • –rest-port INTEGER: REST port. [default: 8080]

  • –grpc-port INTEGER: GRPC port. [default: 10009]

  • –use-node / –no-use-node: Whether to set as default. [default: True]

  • –help: Show this message and exit.


Create a node.

This command encrypts the mac / certs, and attempts to connect to the node. If the connection is successful, then it saves the node information for later access.

If use-node is True then all subsequent commands will use this node as the default node.

A node is essentially the bare-minimum data Orb requires to connect to a lightning node.

Node data is saved in various places depending on your OS:

  • Linux: ~/.config/orb_<pubkey>/orb_<pubkey>.ini

  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/orb_<pubkey>/orb_<pubkey>.ini

  • Windows: ${APPDATA}/orb_<pubkey>/orb_<pubkey>.ini

This command is used by other commands, e.g: