Auto Max HTLC MSat


The most important feature of this app is to disable your channels when they no longer have any outbound.

Set to 0 when depleted

This is an important option for the health of your node and the health of the network. It specifies that once the outbound ratio (i.e the outbound liquidity / capacity) goes below this threshold, the max_htlc_msat should be set to 0.

When outbound liquidity / capacity is greater than this ratio, then the policy is used.


The policy dicates where the max_htlc_msat value should automatically be set.

Balanced Ratio

max_htlc_msat is set to the channel’s outbound * balanced ratio.

Half Capacity

max_htlc_msat is set to the channel’s outbound * 0.5.

Local Balance

NOT RECOMMENDED. This sets your max_htlc_msat to your local balance; technically it’s the best setting for properly advertising liquidity, however it is the worst possible setting for privacy, and should not be used.